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If you're looking for a quality Carbon Fiber Rod that'll last you a lifetime, look no further. This is it. Salmon Fishing Forum. What makes it stand out from the rest fly line is its strong winding and top notch design. The Mastery Titan is a quick-loading floating taper for delivering big flies to the furthest targets. The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth fly lines … For the big-fish specialist, Scientific Anglers Mastery Titan Fly Line can handle the heavy work for you. PASSENGER. Tackle Boxes. The Amplitude Smooth series of lines are, simply put, the highest-performance smooth fly lines … Atlantic Flies. Scientific Anglers SONAR Titan Int/Sink 3/Sink 5 Fly Line - All Sizes. This fly line is a favorite muskie fly line and helps get very large flies down in both lakes and rivers and also works well for striped bass. With up to five times less drag and eight times the durability of traditional lines, this will change the way you look at fly line performance. Forums. Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Titan Long Fly Lane, simply put, the highest-performance smooth fly lines in the world. Now, with the SONAR sinking fly lines you can effectively tune in depth control. This fly line is made for you. You’ve got articulated streamers hanging from the lampshade on your desk. The UK Fly Fishing Forum. Up for sale is a nice Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan WF-9-INT/S3/S5 fly line. You’ve got articulated streamers hanging from the lampshade on your desk. Fishing Tackle for Sale on Ebay. £99.99. Get this: we took one of our most popular tapers, the Titan, drenched it in various mixtures of tungsten powder, and created a triple-density sinking fly line that will absolutely change the way you fish streamers forever. All Titan carbon fiber rods are 100% Graphite, High Modulus, Low Resin, High Strain-Rate Fly Rods. This can make casting challenging as most of the line needs to be retrieved prior to the cast. By Louis Cahill The Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Triple Density, Intermediate/Sink 3/Sink 5, Sinking Fly Line is a true game changer. Lines. SLOW-SINKING FLY LINE. You think in terms of black, white, or olive. If you have an all-encompassing need to … Sinking fly lines can be broken into two categories – sink tip lines, and full sink lines. This line is in great shape and it is ready to hit the water. Built for the harsh jungle environments, and designed to turn over the largest flies possible, this fly line just might make you King or Queen of the jungle. Please see all of the photos and thank you for looking. Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Double-Taper Fly Line. Here’s a short video on Vimeo explaining and showing you the benefits of this awesome fly line and see it in action! Salmon Fly Lines. Fly Lines, Leaders & Tippets ... Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Fly Line. Luckily, the SONAR Titan Sink Tip fly line offers a variety of solutions for all of your depth-finding needs. Triple-density construction provides a straight-line connection to your fly, and it feels as if you're casting a floating line. But, once you find it, you never want to put it down. Thread starter Ebay USA; Start date Jul 30, 2017; E. Ebay USA Guest. Forums. Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Titan Longs at Glasgow Angling Centre. Sensitive, Flexible & Crisp. Mastery Titan Fly Line is a quick-loading floating line for slinging large flies for big fish such as pike, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Rio Fluoroflex 9' Leader. Whether it’s a radiant golden dorado or wickedly powerful peacock bass, the Mastery Jungle Titan fly line will get the job done. COVID-19 Update. Here's a look at 8 new fly lines for 2019: Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity | $100. If you look closely then you will realize that these lines are very well designed and it has a variety of color options to choose from. Color: Green/Sky Blue The slow sink rate of the Scientific Angler Sonar Titan Full Intermediate Fly Line allows you to fish your flies just below the surface of the water. Thread starter Ebay USA; Start date May 29, 2019; E. Ebay USA Guest. We've been developing the highest performing fly lines, leader, & tippet in the industry for over 20 years. Called everything from Outbound (RIO), Sniper (Airflo), Ambush (Royal Wulff), Titan (SA) and so on, these lines feature a short (25–30′) aggressively tapered, heavy head. The wildly popular Titan Long is now available in the Amplitude Smooth series of lines from Scientific Anglers. With a name like Titan, this line promises big things. Holding steady in the shadowy depths? I’m generally pretty skeptical of fly lines which claim to be totally new. $79.95. Saltwater Fly Fishing. Try the Sink 3. The Scientific Angler Mastery Titan Fly Line is New for 2016. The term conehead doesn’t refer to an old comedy sketch. The Titan also features excellent turnover due to it's short, powerful head and short front taper, and is good for both boat and / or wade fisherman.
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